Gunia Nowik Gallery

2024 | NADA Villa Warsaw

Find us on the Ground Floor of the Villa!

VIP Preview (by Invitation):
Wednesday, May 15, 7–10 pm

Open to the Public:
Thursday, May 16th, 3–7 pm
Friday, May 17th, 12–7 pm
Saturday, May 18th, 12–7 pm
Sunday, May 19th, 12–7 pm


Gunia Nowik Gallery is pleased to participate in NADA Villa Warsaw with a duo-presentation by German sculptress Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg and Polish painter Agata Bogacka. Both artists engage in important feminist and political approaches: the former in an uncanny way, and abstract in the latter. The presentation seeks to involve and react to the space of Gawroński’s Villa – inhabiting and domesticating the site previously used as a representative building.

Dunkelberg's Müdes Pferd (2022), consisting of equestrian statue named Venny and a couch, evoke symbolism of the powerful form of public art, contrasting the horse's tired pose that hints at the necessity for relaxation and rejuvenation in a relentless neoliberal world. The sculpture is shown alongside Bogacka’s painting, that emphasizes blurred boundaries and societal critique through its gradient technique. Meanwhile, Dunkelberg's Art Cars like the Susanne Paesler BMW Z1, 1991 (2021) and Etel Adnan BMW 535i, 1990 (2021), mimic children's abandoned toys but with a feminist twist, reinterpreting history by featuring female artists. Collectively, these pieces create a dreamscape that critiques prevailing patriarchal institutions, using Gawroński’s Villa as a historical backdrop and challenging viewers to reflect on the power structures that shape their existence.