Gunia Nowik Gallery

2023 | Basel Social Club

Teresa Gierzyńska at
Mauerstrasse, 4057 Basel

June 11 – 18, 2023

Opening hours :
Sunday, June 11:
4 pm – midnight
Monday to Saturday, June 12 – 17:
2 pm – midnight
Sunday, June 18:
12 – 4 pm

Find us in Silo 7!


The Basel Social Club was founded in the spring of 2022 by a collective of artists, gallerists, and curators with the intention of creating social spaces for art. After its inaugural edition staged in a 1930s villa, the Basel Social Club reopens in a former mayonnaise factory, just minutes from Messeplatz, bringing together art, music, performance, and gastronomy during the art fair week. The Basel Social Club is accessible to all and free of charge.

We are pleased to announce Teresa Gierzyńska's participation in Basel Social Club this year and her seminal series About Her.

The series About Her forms the axis of Teresa Gierzyńska's work. It has been realised since 1976, although the idea for it and the first photographs, used in the series later, were created as early as 1967. It consists of female portraits – photographic, but heavily processed, being rather a record of a long-term on camera performance, staged experiences, states of situations. Most often in the photographs we see the artist herself. Using her own image, she tries to create universal situations with which many women of different ages and location can identify. The series became an impulse to experiment with the language of photography. Gierzyńska explores its peripheries, directing her attention to what falls outside the borders of vision, the frames of the frame. With full awareness, she uses seemingly unsuccessful, out-of-focus prints. The imperfection of the photographs goes hand in hand with the imperfection of the photographed body, and the impossibility of achieving its perfection is combined with the violence that this very idea carries.