Gunia Nowik Gallery

Workshop with Vava Dudu

Vava Dudu
Fashion Workshop

Jul 3 – 8, 2022
1 – 8 pm

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On the occasion of the exhibition Grażyna Hase. Always in Vogue at the Museum of Warsaw and Vava Dudu’s installation Caresse at Gunia Nowik Gallery, a workshop with the artist was organized in cooperation with the Museum of Warsaw Foundation. During the meeting, Vava Dudu shared the story of her own creative journey, and the participants learned different techniques of upcycling fashion to then create their own projects under the eye of the artist. The workshop was organized thanks to the support of the Museum of Warsaw Foundation and the French Institute in Warsaw.

Overflowing, rich, contemporary, historic - the fashion production of Vava Dudu takes all forms. This signifies the genius of a precursor of free, eco-responsible and visionary fashion. Split between, on the one hand, underground of squats, the refusal of the industrialization of her pieces (each one is unique) and, on the other, the celebrities and major brands with which she collaborates, Vava Dudu composed a hybrid, signature blend of fashion over the years. Although often opposing, the link between the opulent world of Parisian glamor and the alternative spontaneity of Berlin is found in the work of Vava Dudu. Endowed in equal measure with an explosive creative genius and a great precision of know-how, Vava juggles between art and fashion.

Faced with the ecological and social disasters engendered by the fashion industry, brands cannot avoid a politicizing discourse on the notions of eco-responsible production and upcycling. These are the questions that Vava Dudu has been asking herself for thirty years. Thus, refusing industrialization and valuing the unique piece, Vava Dudu plays a pioneering role, in the same way as Martin Margiela, in the valuation of the unique piece and the closed-loop production, using recycled and refurbed materials. In addition, Vava Dudu’s artistic production, a process loaded with poetry and intimate stories, cannot agree with the insatiable logics of fashion capitalism. In this fabulous interlacing of fabrics we get: two-headed jackets, graffiti raincoats, ‘Tunic Idols’, scarves, thigh-high boots, t-shirts, bombers, balaclavas... and many more still archived in big matted woven polypropylene bags that follow Vava Dudu everywhere.