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Agata Bogacka, Teresa Gierzyńska, Jakub Gliński, Krzysztof Jung, Katarzyna Korzeniecka, Anna Orłowska, Daniel Rycharski, Iza Tarasewicz
Kinds of Love
Jul 2 – Sep 10, 2022

Opening: Saturday, July 2, 2022, 3 – 7 pm

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Teresa Gierzyńska, Kinds of Love. Love III, 1977, black and white photograph, pink paper, thermocopy, crayon,
unique from the series of 3, 29 x 36,5 cm

Gunia Nowik Gallery is very pleased to present the exhibition Kinds of Love on the occasion of the gallery's first birthday.

One year ago, GNG was inaugurated with an individual exhibition by Iza Tarasewicz, Full Circle Ahead! It concerned togetherness, cooperation, and supporting each other. The first circle has just been completed, the first year of exciting events, reflections and conclusions. We are wrapping up this year and entering the next one with an exhibition about love with the participation of all the artists of the gallery. Proceeding from an active awareness of the multifarious nature of its experience, and the belief that it is only through a reflection upon this fundamental heterogeneity that one can attempt a potentially defining delineation of it, this exhibition showcases works concerning very different aspects of love. By bringing them together, it fosters a dialogue between the realms and nuances of love in its various forms, from those subject to eroticism or friendship, through tragic ones and those conditioned by religion, to those arguably representable only through abstraction. Still, the exhibition is oriented towards expressing a profound faith in the power of love and hope in its positive influence, thus manifesting another year under the sign of community. 

With these feelings we are ready for the next challenges and just like last year we say full steam ahead!

The exhibition is created in dialogue with the installation by French artist and fashion designer Vava Dudu, Caresse, in the first room of the gallery, whose partner is the French Institute in Warsaw.

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