Gunia Nowik Gallery


Krzysztof Jung, Bruno, 1985-1986, pencil on paper, 27 x 22 cm. © Dorota Krawczyk-Janisch

Krzysztof Jung
Sep 28 – Nov 18, 2023

Gunia Nowik Gallery
Bracka 18/62

Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2023:
Sep 28 – Oct 1, 2023
11 am – 7 pm

Krzysztof Jung’s second exhibition at Gunia Nowik Gallery focuses on his portraits from the 80s and 90s. It presents the drawings as an intermediary in intimate relations. They are mainly portraits which were found in the artist’s apartment after his premature death. Jung most willingly made his models men close to him - his partners, friends, lovers. He would easily make others fall in love with him and he would reciprocate the strong feeling, but also sometimes reject it. Still, men from the drawings are calm, immersed in their thoughts, whilst free and uncompromisingly erotic. The portraits create a web of male-to-male loves and friendships. Always warm, considerate, they would almost always stay in the private circuit. At the exhibition they are accompanied by materials from the artist’s archive – photographs and souvenirs. Together they comprise a microhistory of gay life in Warsaw and other European cities visited by Jung.

Curatorial cooperation: Karol Sienkiewicz