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choreography: Mariia Lozova

music: Denis Hohol

collaboration: Alicja Latkowska

July 15 2022, 18:00, courtyard space at Bracka 18

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Mariia Lozova lived and worked in Kharkiv, Ukraine. She spent her twenty-sixth birthday, which she planned to celebrate at home with friends, hiding from Russian air raids in the subway. Nine days later she fled to Warsaw. Regarding her current artistic practice she says: “Every stage performance and declaration of oneself as a creative person from Ukraine undeniably becomes a political act. You come out and tell your story in the language of the body, which is understandable for everyone.” Through movement Mariia Lozova expresses what is simultaneously a personal and collective experience: the state of uncertainty, fear and powerlessness, feeling suspended and torn, gaining strength, readiness, faith in oneself, rising homesickness. The memory of these emotional states remains in the body. In a borderline situation we feel our physicality all the stronger. Mariia Lozova’s choreography encapsulates the state of being in-between – in between the abandoned home and the one looked for, the lost and the regained feeling of safety. Still, in this liminality sensitivity and strength coexist. Acknowledging the defenselessness and fragility of the body, the artist does not lose autonomy and agency, which are manifested through her creative activity.

Mariia Lozova – dancer, choreographer, performer, actress, choreography teacher. She studied choreography and modern dance at the Kharkiv State Academy of Culture, as well as ecology at the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”. In Kharkiv she collaborated with the Vorobushek, Arabesques and Neft theatres. She danced in the plays “New Year’s Tararam”, “Love In Deep-Fried”, “Blue Bird”, among others. In Warsaw she performed in the play „Як Bи? How Are You?”, directed by Kamil Wawrzuta in the Theatre Druga Strefa and in “Hear the Dance” directed by Mateusz Wójcik. She created choreography for the performative reading “Daughter” directed by Agnieszka Lipiec-Wróblewska in the Theatre Institute. She is also a scholar of the Staromiejski Dom Kultury and the Society of Authors ZAiKS, and resident of Studio Theatre as part of the Theatre Institute’s program Artistic Residencies.

Denis Hohol – musician and sound designer from Kharkiv. Mariia Lozova and Denis Hohol worked together on choreography projects in Kharkiv and continue this collaboration despite the distance.