Gunia Nowik Gallery


Sep 10, 2023
4 pm
→ Invitation Only

Sep 12, 2023
6 pm

Sep 12, 2023
7 pm

To obtain the value

of a sound, a movement,

measure from zero.

(Pay                  A bird flies.

attention to what it is,

just as it is.)


The world is teeming: anything can


122 words about music and dance is a choreographic project by Marta Ziółek, which is inspired by John Cage's text of the same title, written in response to the editorial commission

of Dance Magazine in November 1957. 2 pages – a clearly designated space, 122 – a strictly defined number of choreographed words about dance, becoming a live, rhythmically set in motion image. Entering a dialogue with Cage's text, performers subject it to an embodied actualization, while exploring the possibility of staging the voice of the body and the emancipatory power of dance.

Randy Martin, a researcher and dancer, wrote about the political mobilization power that lies in dance and flows from the loins and drops of sweat. Dance can be a driving force and a driving force for change – 122 words about music and dance, creatively analyzing its components, wanting to show what the community – and world-forming potential of the movement stems from.

A group of outstanding Polish artists, representing the fields of experimental music and choreography has been invited to the project, and their search is supported by the performing arts researchers. This interdisciplinary alliance aims to create an improvised audio-kinetic event, combining the musical and choreographic avant-garde of the 20th century with contemporary practices of the artists operating in experimental spaces.

Concept, dance, meritorical coordination: Marta Ziółek

Co-creation, dance: Aleksandra Borys, Aleksandra Lemba, Karolina Kraczkowska, Weronika Pelczyńska, Gieorgij Puchalski, Maria Stokłosa

Music: Bartosz Szablowski (drums), Natan Kryszk (saxophone)

Assistant of choreographer: Kacper Szalecki

Costumes: Jan Chodorowicz

Photos: Witek Orski

Video: Adam Zduńczyk

Graphic design: Maciej Bychowski

Research, texts: Anna Majewska, Alicja Müller

Production management: Alicja Berejowska - Perform for Change

Production: Burdąg Foundation

Partners: Komuna Warszawa Theatre, Nowy Teatr, Gunia Nowik Gallery, Sports and Recreation Center of the Mokotów District of the Capital City of Warsaw

Premiere: 8.09.2023 r., Warsaw – Nowy Teatr as part of Generation After 7th Showcase. Reality Check.

Duration: 60 min


Admission: free (registration for the events coming soon)

Location: Gunia Nowik Gallery, Bracka 18/62, Warsaw


– Komuna Warszawa → 3.09, 3 pm (pre-premiere)

– Nowy Teatr → 8.09, 3 pm (premiere as part of Generation After 7. Showcase. Reality Check)

– Gunia Nowik Gallery → 10.09, 4 pm (RSVP), 12.09, 6 pm and 7 pm

The project was created as part of the OFF Polska program organized by the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute.

Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the city of Warsaw as part of the Social Institution of Culture.